MannheimTaxation institutionalizes, bundles and strengthens the existing expertise in tax research at the participating institutions. The Campus’ research is interdisciplinary, spanning the fields of economics, business administration, law and political science. This collaboration across different fields allows to address fiscal challenges from different perspectives using a variety of approaches, and to account for economic, corporate, political and judicial constraints.


… fosters high-quality research

The main objective of MannheimTaxation is to foster high-quality research in the broad field of taxation. MannheimTaxation in particular focuses on the question how tax policy should be designed against the background of international integration and new economic and social challenges.

… provides a platform for the academic community

MannheimTaxation organizes and hosts several conferences, workshops and summer schools where academic researchers from around the globe come together to discuss their work.

…disseminates research

MannheimTaxation builds a bridge between tax researchers, decision makers and the public to ensure that tax research finds its way to real-world implementation  through policy consulting, appearances in the media and non-academic events.

… promotes talented early-career researchers

MannheimTaxation is dedicated to the education of up-and-coming researchers working on tax-related issues by offering a structured doctoral program at the University of Mannheim’s renowned graduate school, as well as various types of financial research support and academic guidance.

Who Is Behind MannheimTaxation?

MannheimTaxation is a joint initiative of ZEW and the University of Mannheim. It is funded by the participating institutions, the Leibniz Association, and the State of Baden-Württemberg.